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Easily share a PDF file with a scan

Updated: Apr 4

Use a QR Code to extend the life of your printed materials by displaying a digital brochure, product handbook, catalog, menu, and much more with just one scan.

With the help of a PDF QR Code, you may go from idea to result

In minutes, you can create, customize, and deploy the perfect campaign

Easily share a PDF file with a scan
Live QR Code Generator


Share documents that are beneficial: By employing a PDF QR Code, you can provide your consumers with a simple way to get extra information from any printed item. The file can be saved or shared online immediately after it has been scanned.


Make it unique to you: Make the most of the QR Code by customizing it with your own colors.


Increase the number of people that are interested in your message: Your QR Code not only looks excellent, but it also adjusts beautifully to the many devices on which it is presented. Whether you're using a tablet, a PC, or a smartphone, we've got you covered.


Create with assurance: Never be concerned about making a mistake again. Without reprinting a new QR Code, the information on the page and the uploaded PDF file can be updated at any time.

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