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Get to know how you employ QR codes in marketing campaigns

Updated: Apr 4

Won’t you be eager to learn about a new tool that interfaces print advertisement to digital content? How about having a mode to track print marketing return on investment? The best practice is the implementation of QR codes, which has a wide capacity of customizable and traceable and these features carve great demand for QR codes in the mindset of the consumers. QR code is the best tool where your users could scan the QR code and get access to the information instantly which is accumulated in the QR code with the help of smartphones.

Get to know how you employ QR codes in marketing campaigns
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Are you ready to initiate your marketing campaigns? Have an eye on the below tips.

How does a QR code fit for marketing?

Having varied stretchable options like digital business cards, marketing strategies, and enhanced inventory management, QR codes get attached to your business easily. Check out the exclusive benefits of QR codes.

Handy resolution and varieties

The idea of choosing the Live QR generator to create your QR codes offers you a handful of options of QR codes where you could customize QR codes according to your needs. QR code appends videos, social media profile links, digital coupons, PDFs, sound files, ratings, images, website links, and so on for easy access to your consumer. Depending on the QR code you implement, you could enjoy its benefit. Consider if you have implemented an image QR code, you will be able to upload multiple images, pick out the highlighted images, interpolate more information about your business, and also include a CTA (call to action) button that takes up your users to your website.

Plan your design

The best part of the QR code is that would be able to design the QR code according to your needs. Not only the functionalities, but you can also design the appearance of the code as per your requirement so as to attract more audience. QR codes can be designed with pleasing brand colors, unique edges, and custom frames and come with an editable call to action button, where you can direct your audience to an even bigger space like your website. The extended feature of QR codes is that you will be able to download these QR codes in any format like PNG, and so on. This provides the option of having edited the QR code with a photo editing application.

Differentiating Static and Dynamic

QR codes have two alternative options. You could choose according to your needs. Basically, the dynamic QR codes hold all major functionalities offering a complete process whereas static QR codes are bounded with limited options. Static QR codes are like one-time use as they can’t be edited for later use but when it comes to dynamic QR codes, these QR codes provide freedom to edit the QR code at any stage. Whenever you need to change the content in the QR code, you don’t have to change the QR code. You can just edit the contents in the dynamic QR code without changing the external appearance of the dynamic QR code and this is seen as the most powerful factor in the rise of QR codes. And the most important advantage is that you need to reprint the QR code every time you change the content.

Integrate Tracking metrics

Have you wondered how dynamic QR codes are positioned top of the notch in marketing campaigns? The caliber to track information has offered QR codes wide popularity. Through, the Live QR code generator, you can easily glimpse real-time QR Code scan metrics, including location by city and country, unique vs. total scans, operating device used, and time scanned. This builds QR Code campaign increase for print, digital, and multi-channel marketing easily associable. In addition to this, you can incorporate dynamic QR codes with Google analytics which enables you to monitor the entire customer transactions.

QR code - Bridge between print and digital

Print marketing is one of the smart marketing techniques to reach your audience. But have thought of being even smarter? Having QR codes in your printed promotional materials like posters, pamphlets, flyers, banners, and so on will help you to reach out to your target audience with a much better interface. Consider if you have marked your QR code in any of the recent magazines, your audience can easily scan the QR code using a smartphone and get access to all the information about your product or service with ease. You may include any kind of information in the dynamic QR code ranging from the image, video, social media profile links, digital coupons, PDFs, sound files, ratings, website links, and so on.

Real-time examples of how QR codes in marketing campaigns

Nestlé’s Kit Kat is a premium chocolate having a huge fan base all over the world. Nestlé Company has embedded Social media QR codes in all of their products allowing their consumers to reach their digital profiles like social media accounts and thus resulting in educating your consumers about your new products and also increasing online sales.

Lenskart paths online shopping with QR code

Calvin Klein, a famous sunglass dealer from the USA planned a convenient mode to reach their customers. They offered an advertisement in a magazine with a QR code employed. All the customers need to do was just scan the QR code via smartphone and get instant access to the glass collection and could easily purchase online. You could also use coupon QR codes to attract a large audience.

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