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How QR codes impel the music industry in COVID-19 times?

Updated: Apr 4

Live music artists have been struggling since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Though there are huge fans of online music, live music concerts have never lost the spark in the minds of music lovers. In order to come out of this tough situation, music artists can focus on streaming platforms and virtual concerts in order to get engage with their audience regularly. And when you seriously opt out of the process of digitization, you cannot drop QR codes out of your list.

How QR codes impel the music industry in COVID-19 times?
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Clash of Coronavirus

Not only businesses like gyms, health fitness, café, the restaurant have been devoutly affected by a coronavirus, but also the live music industry is striving hard to regain its position of being hit by COVID-19. As the government initiated the lockdown process all over the world, the Lie music industry has observed a great downfall. A report states that the live music industry will almost lose 75% due to the impact of coronavirus. And if the situation prevails to be the same, even more damage to revenue could be seen.

Rock in real

This COVID-19 pandemic situation has offered a different level of thirst for online streaming music and online music events. A report stated that the online streaming platform will hit up to 1.2 billion users at the end of 2030 which clearly shows the potential phase of the digitalization process. James Blunt, a famous musician observed the future essence of this technology and live-streamed the concert from Hamburg.

Need for QR codes in the music industry

At this pandemic condition, the music industry will surely need to stay in touch with their audience and would literally need to engage the audience with their service. But under this lockdown, don’t they need any other alternative mode to charter with their audience. And being wise to choose such a tool will help you fix this. The best bridge to fill the gap is QR codes.

The way from print to digital

QR codes have become tremendously popular since the outbreak of the coronavirus. The expedient features of QR codes have set an established standard in the minds of people bridging the space between print and digital. In addition to various features, having digital data from printed material to access it without any physical contact is the key feature of QR codes. If you are about to release your music album poster, you can add the QR code to the poster where your audience can scan the QR code via smartphone and get access to the content you provide in the QR code. QR codes can be printed on everything such as tickets, flyers, billboard ads, Pamphlets, and so on. Having a QR code, social distancing is an easy task as you can scan the QR code at a good distance and have no physical contact.

Make the path to creative ideas

Music is a platform where you can bring fresh and innovative ideas. Why don’t you apply such fresh and innovative ideas to your music album marketing campaigns? One such better solution is QR codes. One of the extensive features of QR codes is that the QR code is customizable as per your requirement. Brand colors, custom frames with a CTA (call to action), and styled edges are the common customizable options in QR codes. Also, you can download QR Code images into PNG file formats allowing you to access how they are used in your own required design. You could even size the frames so as to attract your audience.

Know how advantageous is QR codes to music lovers

Have you foreseen the benefits of QR codes imprinted on your posters? Here you go! Imagine your fan watching out your poster and observing a QR code and immediately scans the QR code and gets access to your sample of the music and automatically download your album on smartphones with ease. Won’t be a treat for your fans? Definitely, yes!

The paradigm of how QR codes aid’s the music industry

QR codes are defined to be endless extent in not only offering easy access to music to their audience, but also promoting concerts, sharing sound files and videos, growing social media followers, and typically improving band management with ease. Grab the below paradigms on how QR code supports the music industry.

Virtual concert promotions

In this lockdown situation, you would not be able to host live music concerts. You would have planned your concert a year before the lockdown and would be looking option to set it on fire. Never Mind! Choose online streaming platforms. Online platforms provide you extended support of you reach your audience with ease at this tough time. And never worry about promoting your online shows. QR code rescues you from this problem. Having passed your event QR code to your audience, your audience could register and get access to your online concert by just scanning the QR code via smartphone. This helps your audience to reach you without having any struggle.

Retail your service even in the concert

You could even use the QR code once you have started hosting the show. Wondering how? You could modify the Dynamic QR code from an event QR code to a social media QR code, where your audience can scan the QR code and get access to your social media profile and could get accessed to your feeds, and the latest updates. In this manner, you keep your audience on track with you.

Promoting music files

If you are a new musician, have you wondered how to grab your audience's attention? If you are about to release your music album, why don’t you try offering sample music to your audience? Mp3 QR code helps you to perform this task. You could embed your sample music file in the MP3 QR code and maybe you could circulate it through a magazine. MP3 QR code offers your audience instant access to an audio sample of your album provided you could also engage a call to action button to direct the user to your website to purchase the entire album. In this way, you encourage your audience to have knowledge about your album and promote a sale. In addition to this, you could even add a video QR code for your users to access the sample video of your album.

Play your brand

Certainly, much management would like to show cast your concert; sponsor you for their event, and so on. Have you thought about how could they reach you easily? Having digital business cards can help you in this. Contact QR cards are digital business cards where your clients can scan the QR code and get access to your contact details easily.

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