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QR codes – An important accessory needed for every hospital

Updated: Apr 4

Have you imagined QR codes helping patients and healthcare units in these really pandemic situations? Yes, you might really wonder if you learn deeply about how QR codes have sustained us in the pandemic situation.

QR codes – An important accessory needed for every hospital
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Through technology, we have reached out to access online doctor appointment apps, patient management platforms, EHR, AI-based gadgets, etc. QR codes have gone a step ahead in helping patients and the hospital fraternity. Though the technology of 2D bar code has been around us for the past 20 years, QR codes have taken a new dimension in stepping into hospital sectors.

QR Code – Much needed concept for hospitals

With the help of QR codes, health care centers can educate their patients on every aspect of their treatment and medical products. Individuals who want to learn about the subject matter too can be benefited by scanning the QR Code.

And that is how QR code is productive, easy to access, and cost-efficient. QR codes comprises of black and white elements designed in a single frame that can be read both horizontally and vertically. These QR codes can accumulate a lot of information in a single frame starting from patient contact details, medicines, and emergency contact details. QR codes enormously help doctors to know about the patient’s history and other medical details instantly with a help of a single scan of QR codes resulting in time-saving and does not need a long queue.

On the other side, patients too can really benefit from QR codes. A patient can easily scan the QR code in the brochure and book a doctor’s appointment and the receptionist can schedule the appointment on the basis of the QR code scanner. People can scan the QR code to know the details of the newborn baby such as baby weight, feeding methodologies, caring instructions, etc. Patients can scan the QR code in the weight machine to know about obesity, BMI, BMR, and BP.

QR codes – Where do we employ?

Now you really want to know where these QR codes are displayed. For a decade, smartphones are the strongest communication medium in our daily life. Social media are the prime medium where people get to learn more about new products and daily updates. A health care center can concentrate on posting these QR codes on all of these social media platforms to reach out to all forms of people. In addition to that, you could also include the QR codes in daily newspapers, cold emails, magazines, Brochures, pamphlets, flyers, banners, and newsletters. Individuals can even post QR codes in the journals they publish. Test reports can even carry QR codes which would be helpful.

Significance of QR code in hospitals

  • Time-saving with contactless

QR codes improve patient outcomes, saving quality time. Health care staff does not need to search on the patient's old documents and instead with an easy scan of QR code, both can save their time and do not need to wait in a long queue. This increases competency and reduces unnecessary task moreover, this process happens contactless with an easy scan of QR code by a smartphone, which is a major advantage in this pandemic situation.

  • Patient's documentation

We do have a lot of departments in a hospital to treat patients. To have the patient’s record in all the departments is a difficult task. QR code has rescued us from this tough situation and helps us to have all the details of the patients stored and reach us out to retrieve the information at any point of time. In recent times, QR codes have been marked in the medical bracelet and the medical history sheet and thus helping health care staff of any department to easily access and work on the patient’s treatment.

  • Notes for drug

For a patient, it is very important to know about the medicine they consume. Medicine provided from the hospitals can have the QR codes printed in the medicine box, so that the patient can learn about the manufacturing process, expiry date, and composition of the drugs. Also, having QR codes in the medicine will help caretakers in knowing the dosage, timing to consume, etc.

  • QR codes for medical apparatus

The major strength of a health center is the equipment they possess. These medical apparatus help the health care staff to diagnose the illness. So it is very important for the staff to know more about the medical equipment. Instead of giving a long tiring manual reader about the equipment to staff, a QR code with being a user-friendly tool to learn more about the equipment. Even QR codes can alert the staff if the equipment malfunctions or if any kind of replacement is needed.

  • Conserving genuineness

It would be a real blunder when a patient is treated wrongly. Almost 400000 people per year shred their lives for these medical errors. You need to bring a comfort zone for your patients to believe you. You could showcase the usage of QR codes in your health care center to help them to learn you do take all precautions and necessary steps in taking care of your patients. Every set of health professionals from various departments must know the accurate patient detail to continue the treatment. Information fed through QR codes and shared is versatile and error-free. Medical history, medical tags, and folders with QR codes can be the easiest methodology for the caretakers. The QR code generator has been a key platform in offering a wide range of QR codes to health care sectors and other domains.

  • Tracking patient’s health

QR codes have provided many potential features for the health care industry. In this pandemic situation, QR codes have contributed an important role in tracking the patient’s health. QR codes can even alert health care staff if patients step out from home when not advisable to go in public. China has incorporated color QR codes in association with Wechat and Alipay, which helps the guards about their level of inbound of the COVID infection attack in a patient. And this implementation has really worked out to prevent the spread.

  • Slicing out paper consumption and paper cost

At the healthcare center, you would be dealing with a lot of information that needs to be stored and shared. For this, you really need to consume a large amount of paper, and the cost of printing would be the biggest concern. QR codes can address this problem with ease. You don’t have to spend a penny on paper or for printing. All you have to do is to generate your QR code through the Live QR code generator.

  • Deal with real technology

A report clearly states that 91% of adults have their smartphones handy 24/7 and 80% of the medical staff use smartphones and Medical apps. And when you realize this stat, you understand the importance of the technology of QR codes. Having the latest technology in hand for your health firm, you could be effective for your patients as well as improvise your sector.

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