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Way to mobile marketing with the help of QR codes

Updated: Apr 4

In recent times, mobile marketing has topped the chart in the marketing domain. The obvious reason for the sudden growth of mobile marketing is the high usage of smartphones. But have you discovered QR codes are the latest progression of today’s mobile marketing?

Way to mobile marketing with the help of QR codes
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Any marketing process that is carried out using mobile platforms such as smartphones, tablets, or any other type of mobile device is commonly referred to as mobile marketing. The resolute may differ from company to company, but in most cases, the ultimate ambition of employing mobile platforms is to direct consumers to apps, social media profiles, and websites.

Significance of mobile marketing

The growth of the mobile industry has stretched its wings wide open because of the demand for mobile-friendly choices. Most of the software which was initiated for desktop users was developed for mobile end-users as there was a rapid growth in the mobile industry. If you really have not thought of having a mobile marketing interface for your business, then you would be missing a wide circle of consumers to your product.

Know the numbers that define the growth of mobile marketing

- 80% of mobile device time is spent on apps, with game apps consuming the largest portion of

app time.

- 80% of internet users own a smartphone.

- Mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets hold up to 60% of digital media time for users in

the U.S.

Flow in mobile marketing

As technology elevates, the flow of mobile marketing too paces. Below are a few ways where mobile marketing has been experimented with using technology.

Custom made mobile marketing

The main objective of every marketing attempt is to implement campaigns as customizable as possible. As mobile marketing is purely positioned on performance, such as paid ads, different types of other campaigns can be customer-made for different other types of audiences. This means different locations, even within as near as a one-mile radius from a business, language, and also the type of ad observed.

Specs of mobile ads

In the list of digital marketing, Desktop ads through Google Ads and social media have created a long improvement in inefficiency. But get to know that most of the sources have deployed mobile specialized features for ads. When it comes to Google Ads, they introduced an entity termed Enhanced campaigns which offered consumers the choice to accustom bids for mobile devices so that they do not need individual desktop and mobile campaigns anymore. Facebook also came up with promoted Post ads that incorporated mobile ads into consumers’ newsfeeds so that they don’t recognize them as an ad.

QR codes and their association with gaming

The dominant way that QR code is being implemented in mobile marketing starts with the process of mobile games. Most commonly used as “EASTER EGGS” in which the app game player receives a special notification for scanning the QR code during the game, and the scanning process instantly pushes them to a particular landing page.

QR codes and their significance in mobile marketing

QR codes owned a separate place in mobile marketing. QR codes are adjustable incompetence to link numerous types of data to them and also share the ability to customize from A to Z and could be easily scanned through a smartphone to retrieve all the accumulated information.

- Tracking system and purpose

The main objective of dynamic QR codes is that the QR code can be edited at any point in time and also could be employed to track data based on the location by city and country, time scanned, unique vs. total scans, and operating device used. This could help you to analyze the best possible solution that your marketing campaigns undergo.

- Incorporate Google analytics

Most importantly you need to track the complete customer track record from the app to the QR code, purchase details, related tasks, and so on. Live QR code generator offers potential dynamic QR codes that can be unified with Google Analytics for the above-said functionalities.

- Enhance custom design to build brand awareness

Designing is a major concept where you can build brand awareness. You need to make sure that you convey the appropriate message of your brand to the right audience. QR code suits aptly for this cause, as you could personalize dynamic QR codes as per your requirement. Adding customized frames, adding a logo, having a call-to-action button, and background colors are the customizable option provided in the dynamic QR code.

- Never drop out of desktop-based email

E-mail marketing is a common platform for having more app downloads. A survey report says that the 50:50 ratio is observed as of July 2019 in mail opens, both mobile and desktop. It is very difficult to predict whether the user will open via mobile or desktop. Both stand an equal possibility. When you plan for a strong email marketing campaign, you need to target both sections. When it comes to desktop emails and more specific with app download, the audience will feel frustrated to see out the mail and then search for the app in the mobile app store. And that is where the QR code assists you. You can simply provide an App store QR code to your mail and your spot audience can easily scan the QR code on your smartphone and instantly get to the app landing page in the app store. Through this process, you make sure that you don’t miss out on any user out of your path without much effort put in.

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