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Get To Know How QR Codes Supported The Transport Industry In COVID-19 Situations

Though the process of QR codes has been started earlier in the transport industry, the real urge for QR codes started since the outbreak of coronavirus. The major objective of having scanned the QR code at a safe distance topped its importance to the world.

How coronavirus ruined the transport industry?

Since the outbreak of the virus, the government has mandated strict lockdown all over the world in order to contain the spread of coronavirus. Since then people have been in their homes without being able to come out as the pandemic still persists. And this resulted in a heavy loss on the public transport sections as there were no to and fro transportations. It is believed that almost $40 billion is the least expected loss in the US public transport domain. And these losses have heavily led to high budget cuts, massive layoffs, and so on.

What does QR code do for transport domain?

The best advantage of QR codes for the transport domain is the process of managing inventory efficiently. Unlike Barcode, QR codes can store large databases making them a more powerful tool. As being in a square shape, QR codes can be read both horizontally and vertically, possess great error tolerance, and stands tall in accumulating more data and this process could be used as inventory too. And hence QR codes act a vital position in the transport segment having benefited all the functions of QR code.

Easy access to everyone

You don’t have any complications accessing these QR codes. Everyone who owns a smartphone can get easy access to the QR code just by scanning the QR code with a smartphone unlike a barcode, which requires a special device to scan and read the information. An android or iOS smartphone or third-party software installed in smartphones can help you with the easy access of QR code.

Go-between print and digital

The one reason why QR codes became familiar was not only because of the inventory management but also for its strong space for marketing and promotional usage that allowed users to connect print and digital. You would be really willing to reach your people through print ads, but won’t you be wonderstruck, if you could provide your audience a quick path to your digital content via print ad? QR code does his well. You could easily print the QR code in your printed ads like pamphlets, flyers and circulate. Your customer can go through the printed ad and might look for more information or contact you to reach you. At this point, QR codes help them a lot. All they need to do is simply scan the QR code and get accessed to the information fed to it.

Ensure safe social distancing

QR codes have been the sole strength for the whole world during these pandemic states. QR codes have provided various functional operations like contactless payments, information sharing, and so on with the feature of following a safe distance of scanning the QR code. Having a good quality and size, people could scan the QR code from a distance without having any physical contact with the QR code. And in this pandemic situation, QR codes have played a vital role in easy information sharing and make mobile payments without getting in contact with any public surface.

Examples of where QR codes are observed in the transport industry

Though QR codes have helped to maintain inventory, there are many other ways of how QR codes

benefit transport industry.

Have contactless ticket validation

QR codes have been employed in airports and railway terminals for the easy access of ticket processing and payment processing. QR codes make the check-in process easy go, as the passengers can just scan the QR code and get accessed to the checkpoints and pass by easily avoiding long queues and saves quality time. In addition to that, you are contactless to all the checkpoints offering risk-free drive-in.

Extend your wings from desktop to mobile

You would literally have an app for your transport business. Have you thought about how you could fetch your customers to your app easily? App store QR code performs that task. Your customer can simply scan the QR code and can land on the app page in the app store rather than having the effort of typing and searching the app.

Convey real-time updates to your passenger

You really need to understand the fact that printed information is not always up to date. So you cannot have it to your passengers every time the same printed information. At this point of time, you could offer a website QR code that is linked to you online timetable and that could be updated regularly. In this case, your passengers could rely on real-time information rather than inconsistent printed information.

Get back to your feedback

It is really important to know your customer's feedback and suggestions over your service. And you need to make sure that you offer a convenient mode to your customer to collect this information. With the help of the Feedback QR code, your customer can scan the QR code via smartphone and get accessed to the page where they can provide their feedback or reviews.

Offer easy access to Wi-Fi

In today’s world, everything is connected to the internet. People have the need to access the internet no matter where they are. So every public transport concern provides access to Wi-Fi for their passengers. The Question is how convenient you possess the Wi-Fi to them. Every customer will feel annoyed if they are asked to log in through credentials for Wi-Fi. Why don’t you imagine easy access? Wi-Fi QR codes can possibly help with this. Your passenger can easily scan the Wi-Fi QR code and get instant access to Wi-Fi without having to remember and type in the Wi-Fi credentials.

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