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Clever ways to use QR codes in business - 2022
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QR codes may be used in a variety of innovative ways by enterprises, non-profits, and local governments to better sell and connect with their constituents. Here are 50 ideas to get you started.

  1. Bus stops, railway stations, and subway stations now have QR Codes: very convenient! Commuters now find out exactly when the next bus, train, or metro will arrive by scanning their smartphones.

  2. In museums, you'll see this sign adjacent to artwork like paintings and sculptures. For anyone curious about the photographer, the era in which the photograph was taken, and the public's response to it, this is an excellent resource. If the museum has a store, the picture may be available on a mug or poster, as well as connections to the artist's other work, as well as other artists.

  3. Sending a postcard to a specific individual. A PURL (personalized URL (Uniform Resource Locator)) may be linked to each QR code.

  4. Walking routes and historical landmarks. A plaque is nice for granny, but I'd want to learn more about the importance of the location, whether via a Wikipedia page or a movie with a local historian.

  5. In video kiosks. It doesn't matter where your kiosk is located; QR codes may display when users interact with it.

  6. Posted on For-Sale signs. A For-Sale sign might feature codes that included all of the information a sell-sheet offers, as well as video walkthroughs, for both residential and commercial properties.

  7. Subscribers to an email newsletter. Quick connections to an email registration box may help you grow your subscriber base.

  8. E-learning. Your QR code may start a daily email autoresponder that sends you lessons and other useful information.

  9. In the grocery store, right next to the pre-packaged goods. Make it easy for customers to find recipes that use the items they're already buying at the supermarket.

  10. As pieces of a puzzle. The user would have to piece together the puzzle before scanning the picture, which would generate a lot of interest.

  11. On Produce. You could talk about the farm, organic vs. conventional farming, best by dates, and so on. What kind of farm is it? What kind of food is it? Is it organic or conventional?

  12. Paying for a coffee (or anything else.) The same as Starbucks.

  13. On the labels of wine bottles. It would be nice to be able to get more information about the vineyard and maybe buy a whole case of the wine I had at the restaurant, as well. I'd want to learn more about the vineyard and maybe purchase a case of the wine I sampled at the restaurant.

  14. On the labels of eco-friendly clothing. How sustainable is that item of clothing? Let's quickly look at its story. Let's take a brief look to learn more about it.

  15. The purpose of this is to serve as conference signage. In each room, there would be a QR code that you could scan to get the full description, the names of the people who were going to be there, and see if there was any room left. With the QR code next to the name of forthcoming sessions, you may get more information about each speaker and determine whether there is still a place for you in the room.

  16. Name badges during the conference. Instead of exchanging business cards, why not scan them?

  17. Printed on the plates of diners with calamari ink. Things like these just don't happen.

  18. On the labels of jewels.

  19. Interactive maps use this feature. Take a look at this illustration by Town Graphics.

  20. In print newspapers and magazines, at the bottom. Afterward, you could easily access the online version and peruse the comments that other readers had made.

  21. Bottles of liquor. This is a great option if you're launching a new product and want to link it to recipes.

  22. Regarding the issuance of licenses for construction projects. It's already happening in New York.

  23. When you discover mall flyers tucked down behind your windshield wipers. A discount for a vehicle wash may be an example; the URL would include the discount code and instructions for the car wash.

  24. On the safety bar advertisements on the chair lifts of ski mountains. Assuming that everyone in the chair on the way up the mountain has their smartphone, you've got a captive audience for 5 To 10 minutes.

  25. Elevators. For a dry cleaning business or other services that help busy executives, I would advertise in the elevators of high-rise buildings. For those who have to leave their wives at home with the kids, consider sending flowers or offering a discount on takeout meals.

  26. A restroom at a bar In pubs, I've seen taxi firms' advertisements over the urinals. (Well, what do I know? (I like to hang out in nicer settings.) It would be better for customers if it was easy for them to acquire a safe transport home, rather than dialing an incorrect number. Just be careful to have a firm grasp on your phone while driving.

  27. Sharing avatars through a video game console is allowed. In fact, Nintendo has already started doing this.

  28. Increase the number of individuals who sign a petition. Like in this case via the website

  29. In pubs, clubs, and other venues where music is played. But Shazam is a terrific tool for discovering new songs; in many cases, you can even purchase the song from iTunes or Amazon. It's possible to hear the music, but in a noisy club, you may not. Scan a QR code that appears over the DJ's head, and you'll be able to buy the music.

  30. Behind tractor-trailers. Because calling an 800 number to ask, "How's My Driving?" is a thing of the past.

  31. On the invitations themselves rather than the RSVP cards. Save a tree by scanning a QR code. Also included is a stamp.

  32. Temporary tattoos may be used this way. Link it to your Facebook or Twitter profile.

  33. On a laminated trade show card. A business card should not be dropped into an aquarium. In the end, booths win since they will be able to collect all the relevant information, as well as provide incentives to the individuals who scan the most.

  34. To elicit comments from the community. Just that is the mission of the Groton, Connecticut, Public Library.

  35. In terms of available ways of payment. It's easy to link to a credit card or other payment method.

  36. On the soles of flip-flops. Until the tide comes in, they leave a mark on the sand.

  37. On your neighborhood coffee shop's mugs. There's a lot of room for advertising here.

  38. Free books may be found on posters that link to them. Free copies of these out-of-copyright masterpieces are available through 1st Bank. Other forums on the site provide access to no-cost sudoku puzzles.

  39. On a playground. When it comes to mowing the outfield, groundskeepers can do some pretty amazing things these days. They've got talent, those people.

  40. A human billboard, that is. "Eat at Joe's" comes to mind.

  41. For the renting of dockless bikes and scooters.

  42. Exhibits at trade shows. Be eligible to win a free iPad by scanning a photo.

  43. Magazine recipes. An easy way to access the website's videos, reviews, and other user-generated content.

  44. Self-guided factory tours. Scan a code and find out what that gadget is for.

  45. Displayed on the windows of new-car in showrooms. After-hours shoppers will love this.

  46. Cards that can be scratched to reveal prizes. Scratching off the card isn't enough; you need to have them scan the card to discover whether they're the lucky winner.

  47. On the backs of movie tickets. In order to see a preview of the movie, they scan the QR code on the poster.

  48. Participants may use the QR code on napkins to interact with sponsors, beverages, or a networking site with images once the event is over.

  49. In television commercials, in order to make them more engaging. An ad that includes a QR code while people are watching television makes perfect sense.

  50. Business cards, wedding invitations, tracts, ID cards, etc...

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