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Advantages of Dynamic Codes

Updated: Apr 4

There's usually no going back once your print materials have been disseminated. You can still make modifications with Dynamic QR Codes. These codes allow you to adjust their content on the fly and monitor how it affects the success of your campaign. This article is the ideal place to start if you want to learn more about Dynamic QR Codes.

Advantages of Dynamic Codes
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Take note of your advertising statistics and track them.

Each time a Dynamic Code is scanned, the time, location, and device used are recorded. This precise information will assist you in determining the performance of your advertising campaign so that you can make any necessary adjustments while it is still running.

New details - same code

With dynamic QR Codes, you may modify the destination addresses and other Code functions at any time without having to reprint the Codes. You'll save time and money, plus you'll be able to tweak your campaigns as they're running. The target Web URL or the document saved in the Code can be changed. You can also change a Dynamic Code's function, such as from displaying a gallery to displaying a PDF file.

It is simple to correct errors.

When entering complex data, such as a URL, it's all too easy to make a mistake. To save the correct information in the event of a Static QR Code, you would have to generate an entirely new Code. Dynamic Codes, on the other hand, may be modified quickly, easily, and as frequently as needed.

Because of the smaller Codes, there is more design freedom.

The brief URL allocated to the Dynamic QR Code that you print on your promotional materials does not contain the real content you offer to your users. As a result, the code has a simple structure and is modest in size. Because there are fewer characters in the Code, the usage of a short redirection URL has the added benefit of allowing it to be scanned more quickly and hence more easily.

Flexible campaign planning

Your marketing materials are ready to print, but the campaign website is still incomplete? This is not an issue with Dynamic Codes. Connect the printed codes to an existing website and update the saved URL once the campaign landing page is complete. So you can respond promptly to changes in the project's course, even if the supplies are already in your clients' hands.

Dynamic codes are just as simple to make as static codes. Dynamic QR Codes are the right solution if you want to know how successful your campaign is at all times and respond quickly to changes. Special software, such as that provided by, is required to generate Dynamic QR Codes.

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