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API Documentation

Create several Static QR Codes easily and add them to your Application.

Editable QR Code

Plug & Play

Encode data such as URLs, Text, vCards, WiFi, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, and SMS in Static QR Codes.

Unlimited Storage

Bulk Generation

You can make as many as 10,000 QR Codes every day using the API. We have set limits on API requests.

Trackable QR Code


You can build QR Codes on your own system by writing scripts and making requests to the REST API.

Unique Dashboard

Multiple Formats

Produce high-resolution QR Codes in PNG, JPG, and SVG formats that are suited for use in print or online.

QR Code-pana.png
Custom QR Code

Custom Colors

Choose between the black-and-white format or get creative by printing QR Codes in your brand's colors.

Static QR Code API

Get Started On Your 14-Day Free Trial!

Please note that the Static QR Code API is exclusively available to subscribers of our Professional Plan.
If you're on our Free Plan and wish to use our Static QR Code API, you'll need to upgrade.
Please get in touch with us if you need further information.

Note: Static QR Code API access is only for our Professional Plan subscribers.


Get started With Our Static QR Code API

To get a QR code graphic as a JPEG, PNG, or SVG image, send our system a GET request using the following:

Request the following URL to test it out straight in your browser:

As you can see, it's easy to embed a QR code in your (X)HTML documents by using the <img> tag. 
<img src=""/>
produces/shows the following QR code image with data: "Example"


Example Code (JavaScript):

$w.onReady(function () {
    $w('#generateButton').onClick(() => {

        const qrFormat = $w('#qrFormat').value;

        const qrSize = $w('#qrSize').value;

        const qrForegroundColor = $w('#qrForegroundColor').value;
        const qrBackgroundColor = $w('#qrBackgroundColor').value;

        const qrContent = btoa(encodeURIComponent($w('#qrContent').value));
        $w('#qrImage').src = `${qrFormat}/${qrSize}/${qrForegroundColor}/${qrBackgroundColor}/${qrContent}`;

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