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How do I create a Live QR Code?

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Wandering for a fresh revenue-boosting marketing strategy? Live QR Code Generator uses cutting-edge technology to create Live QR Codes for a variety of promotional purposes.

QR Code Step 1

Select QR Type

The initial task is to select the QR Code content type as URL or PDF. All our QR Codes are editable and trackable. Live QR Code Generator enables you to edit the data of your QR Code even if your marketing material has already been printed.

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Customize QR Colors

Once you provide the content ( URL or PDF ) for the QR Code to be generated, Live QR Code Generator assists you in creating your QR Code in your preferred color. You may also customize the background and foreground color as per your choice.

QR Code Step 3

Generate Qr Code

Go to the right-hand panel after you've settled on a color and choose the pixel size of your QR, which may be raised to 1000 pixels. To see a preview of your QR Code, click the "Generate QR" button once you've completed the preceding stages.

QR Code Step 4

Download QR Image

Once you've logged in, you can quickly download your personalized QR Codes in JPEG, PNG, and SVG formats by just clicking on the "Save QR" button with ease. After you've downloaded your QR Codes, you may print them for display. See full review.

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Never be concerned about typos, broken links, and outdated files. With the click of a button—Fixed.

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Learn additional statistical information about your audience with QR Codes for future marketing initiatives.

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Live QR Code Generator gives you the option to generate QR Codes in the color schemes of your preference.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage

Access unlimited storage space to store all your QR Code's statistical pieces of information. No Limit.

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Unique Dashboard

User-friendly workspace where you could track, edit, delete, and download all your QR Codes boundlessly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Know?

The prime objective of "Live QR Codes" is to provide precise information to a targeted audience. Since their inception, QR Codes have flooded the globe, empowering all commercial sectors.


What is a Live QR Code?

The Live QR Code is an advanced type of QR Code that is editable and trackable. This type of QR Code enables you to change its content even after you have generated and placed it on any advertising platforms or on your marketing materials like flyers, business cards, billboards, etc.

What are Live QR Codes used for?

What happens when a Live QR Code expires?

Can I change the data of my Live QR Code after printing?